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Khumbu is a exquisite example of the magnificence of hand-knotted rugs. This rug features a vibrant and lively Natural jeans colour pattern that is sure to bring elegance and beauty to the space it occupies. The wool jute yarns used in making this rug ensure its durability and long lasting Naturalure, while giving each piece a vintage appeal. Using engrossing techniques, punja rugs are designed using Natural jeans colours threads which are dyed using Natural dyes. Punja rugs are perfect for every home as they add warmth and class to interiors.

Care Instructions

1. Do not use any kind of harsh brushes to clean the carpets.
2. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and stains. Most vacuum cleaners have an inbuilt setting of low airflow to clean rugs to prevent excessive fibres being sucked in - pay attention to use only those settings.
3. Turn the rug and carpet upside down to clean both the sides with a vacuum cleaner thoroughly.
4. Clean the floor's edges covering with vacuum cleaners, as these are the areas where dust settles in most frequently.
5. Remove spill immediately. Blot with a clean, un-dyed cloth by pressing firmly around the spill to absorb as much as possible.
6. Expose the carpet to the sun for sometime if it gets wet.
7. Occasionally turn the carpet and shake it gently to remove the dust.
8. If your rug is placed in areas like doorways or galleries with high footfalls, you should dust them once or twice a week.
9. Take the rugs and carpets out once or twice every fortnight and shake them off rigorously to remove the accumulated dust.
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