About US


An SA8000:2014 Certified Company


 SUNITI AGRAWAL founded RUGS TV with a vision to promote the earthy feel of tenderness and an own space of Earth to one and all and he incorporated the idea of manufacturing and providing Polypropylene carpets to the general public.

Expressively quoting the fact, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give”, he brought up the zeal of affordable furnishing as fundamental luxury into the lives of many rudiment householders.


RUGS TV is an Indian company that follows the path of HONESTY towards their customers, INTEGRITY towards itself and WELFARE to the society who perch around this industry of carpets.


The virgin and recycled polypropylene carpets and mats are hand crafted by talented artisans , with a vision to promote delightful living and executing the zeal of affordable furnishing as fundamental luxury into the lives of many rudiment householders proposed by the founder of the company SUNITI AGARWAL.

The making of these carpets benefits the artisans in a way, that every artisan’s household have roofs on their head, those who create a base for the feet of people.



RUGS TV is an SA8000 CERTIFIED COMPANY which impersonates that we not only lead to better working conditions and worker well-being, we also have benefits for productivity, stakeholder relationships, market access, and more.

Making recycled polypropylene mats, RUGS TV has cracked the best way possible for reduction of factory emissions and has led to a great advantage to the green environment.


Showcasing our products in domestic and international trade fairs, RUGS TV has reached and provided 80+ countries with its benevolent products and has been awarded with awards of sustainability, awards of accomplishment, awards of nurturing green environment and many more.


As the quote says, “A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself”.

RUGS TV is happy to announce about their happy customers. Our light weighted, UV protected, reversible mats possessing multipurpose indoor and outdoor use and it’s moisture resistant quality is a boon to customers. And the other numerous advantages that our product brings forward has been reviewed by our customers with a smiling face.

 Our happy clients from all across the nation, review the best for our product, mentioning the advantages that we as a producer sometimes cannot figure out. We are happy to announce the generous and kind reviews of our happy customers.